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Age Swap
This was an interesting idea pitched to me by TheLiljdude last night during his stream

The Phoenix sisters mysteriously swap ages, can't believe I never thought of this before honestly~ X3
So I've started a thing
I'll probably add more to it later on but I'm just test running for now to see how it all goes~ ^^;
Huh, so Patreon have announced that they'll handle the whole VAT mess for European customers. Kinda tempted to set a page up.
Adoptables 2 - SOLD OUT
After the feedback from the last batch of adoptables, I've decided to put a limit of one character per person for each batch~

If you're interested in buying a character, comment with the character's number and then I'll note you to finalise things
If you buy the character, you get to use it however you wish, and you get a free single character pic of your character doing/wearing/etc anything you like
In fact, you can even change the character's gender if you'd like, regress them or what ever once you have it. What you do with the character is completely up to you :meow:

#1 Vacant
#2 CalineProductions 
#3 ArmorKabuto 
COM - Caught By The Baby Card
Commissioned by SeiryuYamato

I guess the Card Captor has become the Card Captive! Eh~? :meow:

For those curious, the text on the chalk board reads
"Dress code: All babies must be diapered at all times"
EDIT: I've been looking around for more info on what this whole VATmess actually effects and it usually turns out its only for digital items intended to be sold to multiple consumers on public domain through some automated service (ie. ebooks, music, Photoshop templates etc.), and that individually commissioned digital content isn't effected at all.

While that may be somewhat good news, I still believe something seriously needs to be done about this bill as it could potentially cripple small businesses who do sell digital works. Many of which have now already closed themselves off from European customers because of it.

There is a petition going around demanding the suspension of the bill, feel free to sign it if you wish.…

- Robbie

It almost doesn't seem worth taking commissions at this rate.

I'm sick to fucking death on this continent and it's bullshit laws. At my earliest convenience, I'm out of here.
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